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For Infiltration Trench[edit]

SoilConcrete curbRiver RockClearstoneUnderdrainsCrushed LimestoneConcrete curbWell-graded granular A Material (OPSS 1010)Crushed LimestoneGeotextile OPSS 1860 Approved FabricHigh performance beddingPermeable Pavements
This infiltration trench features an inlet composed of filter fabric and decorative river stone, which provides some pretreatment and can easily be removed and replaced as part of routine sediment removal maintenance. For more details click here.

For Downspout disconnection[edit]

DownspoutDownspout discussionSplash PadClearstoneNative SoilClayOPSS Backfill MaterialCoarse GravelWeeping Tile
This schematic shows proper downspout disconnection of a building's downspout system with associated setback distances and items (weeping tile pipes, gravel, splash pad, etc. For more details click here.[1]

For Dry pond[edit]

Sediment ForebaysOutletVegetated filter stripsInletsBerms
The following image showcases an illustrates an extended detention dry pond. For more details click here.[2]

For Bioretention[edit]

Infiltration TrenchCurb CutsCurb CutsInfiltration TrenchTreesOverflowVegetationTreesTreesVegetationOverflowOverflow PipeCurb CutsClear Stone / Reservoir AggregateFilter MediaChoker LayerUnderdrain
This joint schematic with both Plan and Longitudinal Section views shows what a general biortention cell/system in a parking lot could look like.

For Bioswales[edit]

GrassesGrassesCheck DamCheck DamRiver Rock / Beach StoneVegetationFilter MediaGravelNative Existing Soil
The image above shows a schematic for a standard bioswale with a graded channel, native grasses/vegetation plantings to control erosive flows, filter media, to permit infiltration into the facility, along with optional check dams to facilitate short term ponding.

For Enhanced Swales[edit]

Amended SoilNative / Existing SoilResilient Turf GrassesCheck DamFilter MediaFlow Concentrating Cutout
The longitudinal schematic above shows a standard enhanced swale with amended soil, resilient turf grasses, filter media and optional check dams with a flow concentrating cutout to facilitate short term ponding and maximize infiltration capacity for this BMP installation.

For Exfiltration Trenches[edit]

InletInletManholeManholeOverflow PipeUnderdrainGravel / Clear StoneExfiltration Trench labeled.gif
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