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This wiki is for the discussion and documentation of Low Impact Development in the Ontario context. It is just one of many resources that the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program have produced, and continue to support and grow. If you've arrived here without having visited our main page, please do at:

  1. To advance the science
  2. To synthesize existing information
  3. To link to other guides
  4. To broaden collaboration
  5. To improve access to LID planning and design information
  6. To provide continuous updates that reflect user feedback and the latest research

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP)[edit]

The water component of STEP is a partnership between Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) and Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). It's key focus areas are:

STEP Water funding partners include:

In addition to our program partners, STEP has worked with over 100 project specific partners in both the private and public sectors, all of whom are acknowledged on the project webpages.

The mandate and organizational structure for the water component builds upon experiences from the Stormwater Assessment Monitoring and Performance (SWAMP) program and feedback from various agency and industry representatives. The SWAMP program focused on studies of conveyance and end-of-pipe facilities such as perforated pipe systems, ponds, constructed wetlands, flow balancing systems, detention tanks and hydrodynamic separators.

How wiki content is created: STEP experts and wiki users[edit]

All wiki content is created, reviewed, edited and curated by subject matter experts within the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP). We evaluate all comments and information submitted by wiki users through the Feedback tool, found at the bottom of every page. We also regularly ask stormwater professionals, academics and other experts to review and comment on wiki content.

Content submitted to the guide will likely be edited by STEP staff and can be redistributed at will. By submitting any content, you agree to release it for free use under the [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence (CC BY-4.0)] or, if it is stated explicitly, as Public Domain.

Commercial stormwater products on the wiki[edit]

In an effort to be complete as possible, many pages in this wiki contain links to proprietary products and services. We recognize that substantial time and money has gone into development technological solutions to stormwater management issues. If external links are required for completeness, such request should be made through the Feedback tool, found at the bottom of each page. However, this wiki is not a vehicle for advertising.

All commercial and proprietary products link to an external website and be listed by name. STEP will only list a product on the wiki after it is commercially available.

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