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Responses to comments

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'''12 April 2019'''
''It looks like there is a unit conversion error in the equation: ST=RVCT×Ac×C×0.1. When I do a unit conversion from mm.ha to m3, I find that the conversion factor should be 10, not 0.1.''
*You are quite right, thank you. This has now been corrected on the page [[Bioretention: Sizing]].
'''7 Feb 2019'''
''There is no "L" in the equation. Perhaps a second equation for a pipe orifice would help clarify that.''
*There were a few typos in the [[Flow_through_an_orifice|orifice equation]], it has been reviewed and we believe that they have all been corrected. That page also has a link to the adapted variation for [[Flow_through_perforated_pipe|perforated pipe flow.]]

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