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Rotterdam's Benthemplein Square. Basketball court used for water management in the city (fills up in case of risk of flooding).
Playground used for water management in the city: it fills up when there is a risk of flooding and the water is pumped into the river to be evacuated. Rotterdam

A waterplein (water square) is a landscape structure designed to flood and provide temporary detentionThe temporary storage of stormwater to control discharge rates, and allow for sedimentation. of surface stormwater in an highly urbanized context.

They are similar in function to a concrete or paved detention basin.

They have been designed and constructed in several large cities of the Netherlands including:

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Visit this dutch site to see how they manage both frequent and infrequent events by having infiltration crates beneath a floodable landscape. https://www.rainproof.nl/toolbox/maatregelen/waterpleinen