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LID SWM Planning and Design Guide:About

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This wiki is for the discussion and documentation of '''[[Definition of low impact developmentLow Impact Development|Low Impact Development]]''' in the Ontario context. It is just one of many resources that the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program have produced, and continue to support and grow.
If you've arrived here without having visited our main page, please do at:
*[ Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)].
===The Objectives=of the Guide are==
#To advance the science
#To synthesize existing information
==The guide is not==
<h3>===The LID guide is not a vehicle for advertising</h3>===
Many pages contain links to proprietary products and services in an effort to be as complete as possible. We recognize that a lot of commercial time and money has gone into developing some of the most advanced technological solutions to specific stormwater management issues.
If additional external links are required, requests should be made through the 'Feedback' tool.
<h3>===The LID guide is not an indiscriminate collection of information</h3>===
In the short term, new information is curated by subject matter experts within the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program. Information is also curated thereafter by use of the 'Feedback' tool by any guide user.
Content added submitted to the guide may be edited mercilessly, and can be redistributed at will. By submitting any content, you agree to release it for free use under the [] (CC BY-SA) or if it is stated explicitly, as Public Domain.

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