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Percolation test

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For reference, the relationship between measured percolation test (''PT'') and field saturated hydraulic conductivity (''K<sub>fs</sub>'') used in the spreadsheet is:
<math>K_{fs}=\frac{\bar{C_{i}a^{2}}}{PT_{i}\left [ 2\bar{H_{i}^{2}}+\bar{C_{i}}a^{2}+\left ( \frac{2\bar{H_{i}}}{a^*} \right ) \right ]}</math>
''{{overline|H}}'' = Mean water depth during a test
''a'' = the radius of the test pit
''α*'' = the representative soil soprtive number, and
''{{overline|C}}'' = is a shape function. }}
Additional details may be found in the original paper<ref name = 'Reynolds'/>.

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