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= Kyle Menken =
Kyle is learning to use Wiki Markup, so everything below is meant to be silly, and he will delete it once heI help support CVC's learned the basics. == Early Life == <blockquote>Hailing from parts unknown, Kyle arose from a swamp spontaneously. </blockquote>   == List of Kyle's most favourite things == # Wetlands# Fishing# Other Swamp People## Donald Davidson especially# Causing confusion# Glip Glops from the third dimension# Scary Brandon# [ Treepedia]# [[Bioswales|Ditches]] == Education Integrated Water Management team with communications and Accomplishments == Kyle learned to be a swamp person from ''Scary Terry'', a known expert in chasing people while making silly puns. He is also friends with ''''Scary Brandon'''', Scary Terry's son. == A list of people Kyle has scared == {| class="wikitable"|-! Name! Location|-| Dale| backyard|-| Cody| frontyard|-| Chad| sideyard|} == Middle Age == Being a swamp person, Kyle is not expected to make it past middle age. He is currently six years oldmarketing==Stone== {{:Stone}}

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