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Curb cuts

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A curb cut of 0.25 3 m is proposed as an inlet for an offline bioretention cell receiving runoff from an adjacent roadway. The gutter and the curb are made from smooth concrete with Manning's 'n' = 0.013. The x-slope is 3% and the longitudinal slope of the road is 2%. The design storm produces flow of 0.08 m<sup>3</sup>/s.  The width to capture 100% of this flow is::
The width of inlet to capture 100% of this flow is::
<math>W_T=0.817\times(0.08)^{0.42}\times(0.02)^{0.3}\left (\frac{1}{(0.013)\times(0.03)}\right)^{0.6}</math>

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