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Turf reinforcement

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Turf reinforcement mats (TRM) may be required in swales which are designed to convey higher velocity events. Most TRM are made of synthetic fibres and intended as a permanent part of the construction (unlike a temporary [[Erosion control blanketblankets|ECB]]).
*Mats should be applied with soil fill technique:
**Grade the swale and smooth the top soil, removing any debris and large rocks,
**Anchor the bottom end of the channel in a similar fashion to the top,
**Apply 15-20 mm of topsoil over the TRM, without the use of heavy machinery which can tear the mat and/or compact the soil.
**An [[Erosion control blanketblankets|ECB]] may be applied to protect the surface through the first one or two years.
**Irrigate until turf grass is established.
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