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Sourcewater protection water quality risk assessment for climate change
===Sourcewater protection water quality risk assessment for climate change===
This project is to develop a science-based handbook for the assessment of source water quality vulnerabilities to climate change. The handbook will assist Source Water Protection Committees with the preparation of Climate Change adaptation policies to address the relevant climate change impacts associated with their source protection areas. The handbook will include guidance and worksheets for carrying out climate change vulnerability assessment in order to incorporate relevant broad scale indicators into the drinking source water vulnerability scoring assessment.
===[ Wetland hydrologic analysis tool]===
The Wetland Hydroperiod Analysis Tool (WHAT) was designed to analyze wetland hydrology time series data to concisely describe the annual statistical distribution of water level depths. The statistical distribution of water levels in a wetland is referred to as the hydroperiod, and is an important determinant of a wetland’s ecological structure and function. WHAT is based on The Nature Conservancy’s Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration (IHA) software (TNC, 2009) but is designed to facilitate analysis of wetland data rather than streamflow data and uses a somewhat different set of metrics. The metrics produced by WHAT can be used to determine the hydroperiod of a wetland in a natural reference condition, to compare the hydroperiods of different wetlands, or to compare the pre-development hydroperiod to the modeled or monitored post-development hydroperiod for the purposes of a feature-based water balance analysis.
*Westhoff water balance model
*Wetland hydrologic analysis tool
==Subwatershed scale==

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