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See how the contents list is populated with the headers automatically. I usually constrain them to level 2 headers (see the .docx file)

level 2 header with 'edit' uses two 'equals' signs

  • bullet item 1
  • bullet item 2

The level 3 header is further down (to demonstrate the function of the 'edit')

  1. numbered list item 1
    • level 1A
    • level 1B
  1. numbered list item 2


bold text used a header for links section


I'm a link to the wiki page 'swales'

I'm a link to the external page ""

The number 1 at the end of this line is also a link to sustainabletechnologies. Only I didn't give it alternative text to show you.[1]

level 3 header uses three 'equals' signs

Click on the 'edit'. See how it breaks the page down into more manageable sections for editing!

I have no idea where this photo of the sheep came from.
Caption for table
Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
Row leader 1 Content under header 2 Content under header 3

level 3 (no edit section)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum suscipit nisl nisl, vitae luctus magna viverra eget. Curabitur sagittis massa sed nisl ultrices, in pulvinar arcu ullamcorper. Nulla tempus ligula non risus sodales congue. Suspendisse blandit ut est ut congue. Also:

  • Bullets in here too!
  • And another one

I'm a button! I could contain a link in here

And finally I shall reference something[1]

  1. Once overheard on the subway