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In a sixty year period, three investments of $10 m (total investment $30 m) result in a similar asset value to a single complete replacement /rennovation of failed asset (investment of $50 m) afer thirty years. (Both scenarios depreciate at 1% anually.) This image links to a Tableau dashboard, where the data may be viewed in more detail.

Just getting to grips with stormwater asset management?
Start with the white paper Dr. Richard Harvey has written outlining the state of the art locally, in five chapters[1].

  1. Asset Management
  2. Condition Assessment
  3. Levels of Service (LoS)
  4. Software Trends
  5. Conclusion

Maintenance planning

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program have an ongoing to project to support municipalities in developing Inspection and Maintenance of Low Impact development Assets. The project site is here:

LID Inspection and Maintenance

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Cost analysis resources

  1. Harvey, R. (2015). An Introduction to Asset Management Tools Municipal Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Systems " An Integrated Risk Management Framework for Municipal Water Systems " Retrieved from