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|D<sub>15</sub> Base/D<sub>15</sub> Bedding layer > 5
|Parking lots
|D<sub>50</sub> Base/D<sub>50</sub> Bedding layer > 25
|D<sub>50</sub> Base/D<sub>50</sub> Bedding layer > 25

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Stuff I've done[edit]

Flow (Q) in an open channel, such as a swale, may be calculated using Manning's equation: Where:


  • Q = the flow in the swale (m3/s)
  • A = the cross sectional area of the swale (m2)
  • P = the wetted perimeter of the swale (m)
  • S = the longitudinal slope (m/m)
  • n = Manning's coefficient (dimensionless)

Test stuff[edit]

Formal Infobox
Common name: Wordiness virus
Medical name: (see notebox below)
Habitat: here, 19-Dec-2008



Permeability D15 Base/D15 Bedding layer > 5
Choke D50 Base/D50 Bedding layer > 25
Choke D15 Base/D85 Bedding layer > 5


Surface filter Underground filter Perimeter filter Pocket Organic Bioretention
Location Ultra-urban Parking lots Roads Residential Landscaped Rooftop
D50 Base/D50 Bedding layer > 25
Choke D15 Base/D85 Bedding layer > 5