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Me, 2017

I'm a Research Scientist at the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program.
I would love for you to use the wiki, cite the wiki and recommend the site to friends.
If you send in your comments, concerns, questions and feedback we can make this wiki work for you.

For my work on STEP's LID SWM Planning and Design Guide, I won the 2018 EPt class ECO impact award.


Who are you?[edit]

OK, so you found my page, but if you're visiting the wiki in 2019:

  • There's an 8 % chance you don't use English as a first language.
  • There's a roughly 50% chance you're outside of Canada.
  • It's slightly more likely that you identify as male, rather than female.
  • You're most likely to be between 25-34 years old.

Welcome all of you!!