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This is a copy of many of the photographs we've gathered for the site, particularly those illustrating structural BMPs or specific features. Note some photographs are from external sources, references listed in descriptions. If you can't find what you're after, try checking other people's LID photograph databases. If you're seeking photographs of plant species, we've mostly linked content directly from the Wikimedia Commons.


Bioretention cells[edit]


Dry ponds[edit]

Extended tree pits[edit]

Filter Strips[edit]

Grass Swales[edit]

Infiltration chambers[edit]

Infiltration trenches[edit]

Permeable Pavement[edit]

Soil cells[edit]

Stormwater planters[edit]


Check dams[edit]

Also see Jen's Pinterest board of check dams

Curb cuts[edit]

Curb extensions[edit]


Overflow structures[edit]

Trench drains[edit]

Other databases[edit]

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