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Sampling strategies for their use is found on [[Design infiltration rate]]
Sampling strategies for their use is found on [[Design infiltration rate]]
==Measurements== {{float right|{{#widget:YouTube|id=0hkRTrm5uxs}}}}
{{float right|{{#widget:YouTube|id=0hkRTrm5uxs}}}}
===Packing list===
===Packing list===
*Guelph permeameter
*Guelph permeameter

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Infiltration testing with a Guelph Permeameter at a site in Glen Williams, Ontario


A variety of field permeameters have been developed locally, and are readily available to purchase or to hire. They have relative benefits and limitations in their use, and as they are proprietary devices, they each have manufacturers specific recommendations for their use. Sampling strategies for their use is found on Design infiltration rate


Packing list

  • Guelph permeameter
  • Auger kit
  • Water container (will water need transporting to the test site?)
  • Laptop with spreadsheet or field forms
  • Onsite repair kit:
    • Strong adhesive tape
    • Knife
    • Hose clamps
    • Screwdriver
    • Vacuum grease
  • Logistics:
    • Tarpaulin to kneel/work on
    • Seat?
    • Sunscreen and/or umbrella?

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