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run of side slopes in channel cross sections (length, but usually expressed as a ratio in relation to rise. e.g. where side side slopes = 1:3.5, m = 3.5)
infiltration rateThe rate at which stormwater percolates into the subsoil measured in inches per hour. in (length per time, usually mm/hr) (before or after application of safety factor?)
Existing rise of swaleA shallow constructed channel, often grass-lined, which is used as an alternative to curb and channel, or as a pretreatment to other measures. Swales are generally characterized by a broad top width to depth ratio and gentle grades. gradient (length, usually m)
Rise of compensation gradient for an enhanced swaleVegetated open channel, with check dams; designed to convey, treat and attenuate stormwater runoff. (length, usually m)
Safety correction factor (dimensionless)