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Primary considerations are:

  1. Maximum forces that will be exerted on the fabric (i.e., what tensile, tear and puncture strength ratings are required?);
  2. Load bearing ratio of the underlying native soil (i.e. is the geotextile needed to prevent downward migration of aggregate into the native soil?);
  3. Texture (i.e., grain size distribution) of the overlying fill material; and
  4. Permeability of the native soil
  5. Suitable apparent opening size (AOS) for non-woven fabrics, or percent open area (POA) for woven fabrics, to maintain water flow even with sediment and microbial film build-up;
Recommended criteria for selection of geotextile fabric
Percent media passing 0.075 mm (#200 sieve)Non-woven fabric apparent opening size (AOS, mm)Woven fabric percent open area (POA, %)Permittivity (sec-1)
>85≤ 0.3Not recommended0.1
50 - 85≥ 4
15 - 50≤ 0.60.2
5 - 150.5
≤ 5≥ 10