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==Darcy Drainage==  
==Darcy Drainage==  
{{#1:Darcy drainage.xlsx|Darcy drainage spreadsheet}}
{{#l:Darcy drainage.xlsx|Darcy drainage spreadsheet}}
==Groundwater Mounding==
==Groundwater Mounding==

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Hydrogeological data in Ontario

Darcy DrainageNatural or artificial means of intercepting and removing surface or subsurface water (usually by gravity).

Darcy drainage spreadsheet

Groundwater Mounding

STEP adaptation of USGS macro spreadsheet

LIDLow Impact Development. A stormwater management strategy that seeks to mitigate the impacts of increased urban runoff and stormwater pollution by managing it as close to its source as possible. It comprises a set of site design approaches and small scale stormwater management practices that promote the use of natural systems for infiltration and evapotranspiration, and rainwater harvesting. lifecycle costing


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