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m (Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority)
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*Scott Robertson, ''Senior Water Resources Engineer''  
*Scott Robertson, ''Senior Water Resources Engineer''  
===Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority===
===Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority===
*[[Alanav|Alana Vandersluis]] ''Urban Restoration Assistant''   
*[[User:Alanav|Alana Vandersluis]] ''Urban Restoration Assistant''   
*Steve Auger ''Manager, Urban Restoration''
*Steve Auger ''Manager, Urban Restoration''

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Credit Valley Conservation

  • Alexandra Veglio Coordinator, Integrated Water Management
  • Bernadeta Szmudrowska Specialist, Integrated Water Management
  • Bill Trenouth Program Manager, Integrated Water Management
  • Jakub Wrobel Technician, Integrated Water Management
  • Kyle Vander Linden Program Manager, Integrated Water Management
  • Muwaffaq Al-Awad
  • Phil James Manager, Integrated Water Management
  • Samantha Paquette Senior Specialist, Integrated Water Management: Now at Region of Peel

Grand River Conservation Authority

  • Scott Robertson, Senior Water Resources Engineer

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Toronto Region Conservation Authority

  • Chris Moore Manager, Digital Media
  • Christy Graham Analyst, Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program
  • Dean Young Project Manager, Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program
  • Jen Hill Research Scientist, Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program
  • Tim Van Seters Senior Manager, Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program

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