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STEP have a guide to amending and improving topsoil to improve the water retention capacity and promote healthy vegetation. I can be found [https://sustainabletechnologies.ca/home/healthy-soils/construction-specifications-for-implementing-compost-amended-planting-soil-in-ontario/ here] on our main website. 
{{Clickable button|[http://www.sustainabletechnologies.ca/wp/home/healthy-soils/preserving-and-restoring-healthy-soil-best-practices-for-urban-construction/ Topsoil and Soil Amendment Calculator Spreadsheet Tool, V 2.0]}}
*[[Organic matter]]
==See also==
*[[Better site design]]
*[[Downspout disconnection]]
*[[Vegetated filter strips]]
*[[Enhanced swales]]
[[category: Infiltration]]

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